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  1. Clone this template
  2. Read the 19 yearnings below
  3. Write down your answers to the questions
  4. (Optional) Share your answers with a friend or trusted thought partner


Authenticity - to express who you truly are, and be seen and valued for it


Imagination - to dream up and envision what's possible


Creativity - to put things together in ways that haven't been done before and see them come to life


Service - to have a positive impact on the well-being of others


Challenge - to encounter high stakes difficulty and be given the chance to overcome it, not knowing fully if you will succeed or fail


Learning - to satisfy one's curiosity, acquire new knowledge and insight, and experience the joy of learning purely for the sake of learning


Presence - to simply live and let that be enough; to stop striving


Craft - to carry something out with skill, devotion, and mastery; to make something high quality that you're proud of


Order - to bring structure, predictability, and order to what's chaotic, messy, and disorderly


Teaching - to provide guidance that helps others learn and grow


Autonomy - to have agency in deciding how to approach to work and life; to own your destiny


Teamwork - to work toward a shared purpose/goal; to count on each other and achieve something together


Awe - to experience beauty, transcendence, amazement, and/or something unexplainably beyond ourselves


Security - to feel safe physically and financially, so you can live other aspects of life more fully


Play - to have fun and explore what's whimsical, quirky, hilarious, or off the beaten path; to experience the joy of amusing yourself and others


Beauty - to immerse yourself in what's aesthetically pleasing to the senses


Community - to feel fellowship and belonging in a mutually supportive group


Pioneering - to be at the frontier of what's new; to experience the thrill and risk of trailblazing


Competition - to have a rival; to experience the thrill of battling and pursuing victory


Reflection Questions

When you strip away other people's expectations, if fear and any sense of obligation were gone: What are you yearning for in this next chapter of work? Identify the top 1-3.

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For each of your top yearnings: When was a time when you felt this quality strongly in your life? What were you doing then, where, and with whom? It could be a specific moment when you felt it or a stage in your life when it was particularly abundant.

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For each of your top yearnings: What would having more of this in your work do for you? How would things be different?

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